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It’s time to ride off into the sunset. It’s never nice to be the bearer of bad news. Sadly as Editor of Spliced, the task falls to me to announce that Spliced Magazine will be closing shop.

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Dying Light Game Launch

Rage against the dying of the light When Dying Light launched recently, after a few false starts and a couple of delays, our intrepid gaming writer Marco Cocomello was on hand to give us the...

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New Nintendo 3DS amiibo reviewed

New Nintendo 3DS amiibo* So today we’re talking about the new Nintendo amiibo’s, the interactive figurines that can be used in various games via NFC or Near Field Communication. I received, with a copy...

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Three Windows tablets that won’t hurt your wallet

If you’re using Windows on your laptop or work PC you may be in the market for a Windows tablet. There are 3 that have caught our eye that might just suit you. The great thing about a Windows tablet is that you can utilise OneDrive so memory doesn’t have to worry you. There has been an increase locally of affordable and funky Bluetooth keyboards so you are able to turn your tablet into a tiny laptop.

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Mac OS and antivirus software

When I was in the market for a laptop a lot of people suggested I go the Mac route. When I asked why the first response was always “because they don’t get viruses”. There might be a misconception that running off an Apple Operating System means you don’t need to worry about virus protection.